Follows on from the WRT and is designed for outdoor professionals working in challenging environments, such as grade 4/5 water, unsupported expeditions or in gorges/canyons where vertical access/egress maybe required. As with the WRT the focus is on solutions to common rescue situations and effective use of ‘river rescue’ kit.

Designed for outdoor professionals with existing river experience who may be required to perform whitewater/river rescues. Includes solutions to common rescue situations with a focus on how to maximise the safe use of the minimum amount of equipment.

This one-day course is designed for personnel who may operate near water as part of their work requirement, and for personnel who will work in the warm zone at a water rescue incident.

At this level of operation it is not intended that personnel will enter the water, so a manual or auto inflation lifejacket is worn as PPE for accidental water entry only.