Another busy few weeks for R3 SAR continuing the renovation work at the old school, whilst business as usual with courses running in North Wales, Scotland & Ireland. Lots of cleaning & preparation before painters, plumber, carpenter, electricians, telephone engineers etc. all press on making good progress.

The work is being carried out by local tradesmen, the carpenter attended the school in the 1960's as did his parents before him, whilst one of the painters remembers playing rounders at the school as a child.

A surprise find this week revealed 3 vintage road safety posters from The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RosPA) discovered behind an old notice board which date back to 1953-54 - we are hoping to frame and make a feature of them on the office wall.

Still on target for moving in at the beginning of May.

Renovation work at the new R3SAR premises Renovation work at the new R3SAR premises

vintage road safety poster